Value for money

Value for money is superior quality at a cost effective price.

At Funkaari we ensure that all our products are economically priced at a level where our customers feel happy to buy our products without it pinching their pockets.

Pure leather is an exclusive material. We bring it to you at an unbelievable price in unique hand crafted designs that are elegant and serve a useful purpose.

Meet the team

We are a group of creative and passionate individuals. We have decades of experience in the leather industry and feel privileged to be able to bring out our talent and expertise in creating exquisite leather products at Funkaari.

Ashmita – The visionary and the founder of Funkaari responsible for bringing this team on board. She has extensive experience is various sections of the leather industry and is a connoisseur in leather products. Ashmita is an artist with a flair for understanding leather. She designs products with types of leather that one could never imagine possible. She plays a vital role in determining and designing the Funkaari collection of leather products. Her creative talent and dream to give the country high quality and durable leather products at a price they can afford has led her to make Funkaari into a successful venture.

Hitesh (Leather expert) – Hitesh is a leather geniuses who can craft any product from any type of leather. He has in-depth knowledge of leather and how it will respond to a design. Hitesh can feel a piece of leather and know what it is about and how it can be used. We procure our leather pieces based on his innate knowledge. Hitesh contributes his expertise in a significant manner for determining the kind of leather that is most suitable for a particular design.  How stiff or soft, the fall and the perfect look. Every Funkaari product has a scientific precision behind it to make it a flawless design.

Girish (Marketing & Sales) – Girish has many years of experience in Marketing and Sales. Funkaari is fortunate to have a creative talent like him on board. His expertise lies not just in his experience but his innovative approach to new techniques and concepts. It is a talent that we greatly admire and are glad to have him as an integral part of our team. He plays a vital role in determining our strategy and also provides vital input for the designing of our collection of leather products to suit the moving trends. He keeps us up to date with what is to come and the direction in which the accessories style is heading. At Funkaari we want to give you leather products that are in vogue.

Shahbaz (Technical Head & Production Incharge) – Our skilled artisans operate under the smart leadership and technical expertise of Shahbaz. His proficiency and in-depth knowledge of leather and the intricacies of crafting the pieces to produce fascinating products is highly admirable. Shahbaz is not only very talented in his understanding of the technicalities associated with leather and it craftsmanship, but he is also an excellent production leader with the ability to drive high quality production from our skilled manpower.


If you have some interest or experience in the leather industry we would be glad to get to know you and assess if you can contribute to Funkaari in any way. We maintain an attitude of work is fun and this makes our environment easy going and friendly.

If you would like to join our team contact us at and send in your resume with a mention of your experience in the leather industry.