Shop Overview

A handbag is an essential accessory for every woman. The bag she carries articulates her finest qualities. We serve a niche clientele who can relate to our bags and the manner in which they convey a refined grace.

We cater to your intimate needs for the storage of your personal belongings. Each bag tells a profound story that is based on character and depth. It speaks in the colour, the craftsmanship, and every stroke of the design. Our intricately crafted bags bring out the best in a woman with the simple elegance and sophistication.

Our bags can be broadly classified as Casual, Business, Sports and General. We offer leather products for both men and women in their individual categories. 

We assure you that you’ll always be thankful for your Funkaari bag and it will serve you well and long. We staunchly uphold the sustainable way of life which is firmly founded in the durability of our product.

Funkaari has a mission to reach every nook and corner of India by leveraging the diversity of the internet. Our online shopping portal offers you a bespoke assortment of bags that are designed to meet your every requirement.

Features overview

Funkaari bags are iconic models. Each one is exquisitely crafted. The restrained demeanour of every bag draws out the intense character in its pragmatic design.

Durable: The essence of durability reflects in the fact that the bags are sturdy and can take a rough beating. The Funkaari bags are well made and designed to withstand hard wearing. The leather is strong and the stitching immaculate.

Practical: The look and function of the bag is suitable for multiple purposes. The colours are universal and the designs unique. It blends well with any occasion formal or casual. A formal dinner, a corporate meeting, a children’s fun day out, a trip to the shopping mall or wherever you are headed, your Funkaari bag fits in perfectly.

Material: Funkaari bags are made from 100% genuine leather. The type of leather used for the manufacture of different bags varies, and is chosen keeping in mind the size and style of the bag. The texture of the leather greatly influences the look of the bag.

Colour: We offer a variety of colours on some of our products. We have some standard colours and some unique colours. You can have a different colour to match every outfit or a neutral colour for daily use. Take your pick from our extensive range.

Style: The style of your bag depends on your personal taste. Some ladies are comfortable with a tote bag, others prefer a clutch bag. Or maybe you just prefer something with a long handle that can go over your shoulder.

Size: The size of the perfect bag is subject to the number of items the bag is expected to contain and the space required. Funkaari offers a wide range of bags in variable sizes to suit every need. Maybe you like to carry all your necessities with you or maybe you like to move light.

Pockets: The number of pockets varies based on the model. In general we have tried to limit the number of pocket to collaborate with the latest fashion. Too many pockets only add to the confusion.

Embellishments:  Tassels or embossed leather or metal embellishments can enhance the appearance of a bag. We have thoughtfully selected unique yet tasteful add-ons and trimmings to maintain a chic expression.

Check out our range to find the perfect bag to suit your fancy. Your choice rests on being able to relate to a bag and the comfort level you feel with it.