Privacy Policy

When you enter your personal information on our website it is understood that you agree to our privacy policy. It is also understood that you are entering your personal information into our database to be used at our discretion under the adherence of the following guidelines.

We have stringent confidentiality rules regarding customer data. We believe in respecting the privacy of our customers.

Our rules and regulations regarding customer records are very strict. We are thankful for all our customers and hold in high esteem the fact that they have given us their details based on the underlying assurance that we will not breach their trust.

We do not allow unauthorised personnel to gain access to our company records. Our systems are secured and only authorised personnel who are security certified are given access. Copying data from our company database is prohibited and helps us to curtail the risk of data theft.

We will not reveal any personal details that you have given us unless required of us by the court of law. Under such circumstances you will be notified as soon as possible regarding the legal notice for your personal records.

As a part of our marketing campaign you may receive some promotional material from us regarding the launch of new products and offers. If you do not wish to receive such promotional messages please notify our customer care team. You are also free to unsubscribe from our promotional messages by following the given procedure to unsubscribe.

All the above are subject to the legal jurisdiction of the Indian law.

Return Policy

In the event that you are dissatisfied with the product you may return the product to us with the following return policy guidelines. Refund will be issued according to our Refund Policy.

  • The intention to refund the product with reason for dissatisfaction should be notified to us by phone or emailed within 48 hrs of receiving the product
  • The original packaging of the product should be intact when it is returned
  • There should be no damage to the product and the product should not be used before it is returned
  • The product needs to be returned to us by the customer within one week, Delay will not be entertained. Cost of the courier charged will be borne by the customer.

If the above criteria are not maintained Funkaari is not liable to make a refund.

Exchange and Replacement Policy

If the product received by the customer is the wrong colour we will replace the item provided the item is untouched and returned within 7 days of receipt.

If we sent you the wrong product by mistake, we are sorry and will be happy to send you the correct product you ordered. However, to exchange your product you need to send us back the product you received in an untouched state within one week of receiving it. If you delay we will assume that you are satisfied with the alternate product.

If the product has been damaged during transit the customer is requested to send the product back to us. The product needs to reach us within a week of the customer having received it. The customer will bear the expense of returning the product. We will repair the product and send it back to the customer at our own cost.

If the product gets damaged with usage within 2 weeks of receiving it, we are willing to repair the product free of charge for the customer. Damage could include broken locks, missing studs, fallen screws, broken or missing buckles, damage to straps. Once it is repaired we will send the product back to the customer.

It is imperative that the customer inform us through email regarding the incorrect product or damage to the product with 48 hours of receiving the product. If we do not receive the product back within 7 days of the customer receiving it then we will not be able to make the exchange or repair.

Refund Policy

If a refund is due to you please note that banking policies apply regarding credit and debit cards.
Usually a refund will take between 10-12 days.

After 15 days if you haven’t received your refund

  • Please check your bank account once again just to be doubly sure
  • Check with your credit card company
  • Enquire with your bank regarding processing time for refunds

After having done all this, within 20 days if your refund hasn’t come then please contact us and we will check with the bank from our end.
We do not like to delay, but in this case we have to abide by banking rules and time lines

Product Inconsistencies , Wear & Tear

Leather is a natural material and is subject to certain minor natural imperfections. We try and ensure that the quality of the leather is flawless

Leather in its natural state has colour variations. All the leathers we use are dyed in keeping in mind the international testing standards and are our products are REACH compliant. Colour variation is an understood part of leather dyeing.

Rejecting a product based on colour variation is unacceptable.

The appearance of the leather material may vary in reality from the image on your screen. There may be slight difference in the grain or the feel but this just goes to assure you of the genuinity. Grain and feel variations are because each cut of leather is from a different piece.

Some product may be printed. We use digital printing for leather products. The inconsistency occurs when different leathers react differently to the ink. There is a slight difference and this is not a defect. If the leather is stiff, small hairline cracks may appear on the surface in due course of time. This does not lessen or lower the quality of the leather in anyway.

For products that are a combination of fabric and leather the fabric may also include some printing work on it. Similar to leather the printing on the fabric may vary based on the receptive nature of the fabric to the ink.

Powered coating is a different look and some designs of products may use this kind of look. Leather products that have the powder coated technique are more susceptible to damage through scratching and bruising. Over a period of time it may also chip. Powder coated products should be handled gently; they are not for rough use.

Some of our products have metal embellishments which are prone to tarnishing or losing it colour and shine over a period of time. As a manufacturer we cannot be held responsible for the quality of the metal. The wear and tear also depends on how the product has been handled overall.

All our leather products at Funkaari are specially handcrafted. This is the reason why no two pieces will be exactly alike and will have minor differences. This does not hamper the original design of the product and only goes to reiterate the genuinity and exclusiveness of the product.

All leather pieces have natural marks on the surface and this does not qualify as a defect. Some leather piece may appear to have deep indelible scratch marks or patina on the surface or other blemishes that give it a charming appeal. Leather is natural as sourced from the animal with its flaws and imperfects making it a unique and revered material.

The leather surface bruises and can tear if held against sharp objects. Polishing your leather product with a wax based polish can help it get a smooth and glossy look and improve the life of the product.